The Magenta Maiden

 The Magenta Maiden  

This sultry cocktail is the crème de la crème of nightcaps, it’s bold floral and berry notes infused with lemon and gin make for one amazing drink. You will definitely need to snap a picture or two of this brazen beverage before drinking because it just goes down to smooth. Cheers!  


📝 Ingredients: The Magenta Maiden                 

 3 Tbsp. Gin                               

 1 Tbsp. Cointreau    

 1 ½ Tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice

 ½ Tbsp. Sugar Syrup or Try Smartfruit Blooming Berry

 Muddled Frozen Dragon Fruit Cubes       

 Egg Whites or Aquafaba for a Vegan option

 Burlesque Bitters (Bittermens)        

 Magenta Bloom and Mint for Garnish                


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